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9 Technological Applications That Ease Essay Writing For Students

College essays are not the easiest of papers to write. Yet, it is important to polish your writing skills if you want to achieve academic excellence, especially when your professor expects you to deliver only high-quality essays. Fortunately, technological applications ease the college essay writing process to a large extent. In this article, we’ll cover some of the most important writing tools for students, so let’s get started.

Professional Essay Writing Services

A lot goes into writing a college essay. Most of the students lack the skills and time required for perfecting their essays. But with a professional essay writing service by your side, you can go from a rambling amateur to a pro writer in no time. With their help, you can gain good command of the essay writing process and deliver top-notch essays that’ll earn you accolades from your teachers.

Online Dictionaries

Gone are the days when students had to walk around with bulky dictionaries when researching and writing their essays. Nowadays, many online dictionaries can ease the college essay writing process for you. Whether you’re looking up a particular term or simply checking how to spell correctly one of your words, online dictionaries will be your best friends when it comes to writing an essay.

Online research databases

Research is part and parcel of writing an essay. Whenever you’re preparing to craft content, research databases are your best option for finding the information you need to complete your assignment in time. You can usually find more than just text or book-based materials in these research databases. You’ll be able to also view images, watch videos and listen to audio files that will complement the information you’re gathering for your essay.

Grammar Checkers

Whether you’re writing a 10 page essay or a 1,000-word article, it’s important to ensure your grammar and spelling are correct. Grammar checkers can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes that you may have overlooked. These tools will highlight words or phrases that might be incorrect by highlighting them. You need to right-click on the word or phrase and decide whether you should keep or replace it with one of your own.

Plagiarism Checkers

Colleges are rigorous when it comes to plagiarism, so if you want to ensure your essay is unique, plagiarism checkers can help you do this. The best online plagiarism tools like Quetext will allow you to look up the source of a specific document or try a web search for information that’s closely related. If the result displays something that seems familiar to what you’ve written, you need to edit your content and make it as original as possible.

Citation Generators

Academic writing requires you to include references and quotations from books, articles, etc. But if you’ve never done this before, it can be overwhelming as this is a long process, and the quality of your research paper might suffer as a result or the writing process might take much longer than expected. Fortunately, online citation generators make this process much easier. They help you place accurate and in-text citations in your written work in a matter of seconds, saving a lot of time and making this process less frustrating.

Online Writing Editors

Learning to write paper assignments is always a trial and error process. Luckily, digital writing editors like Google Docs simplify the process of creating a paper. This is because you can access your documents from any location and make changes as needed, eliminating the need to save different versions of the same piece. You can even collaboratively work on a document with other people and proceed with editorial comments and suggestions.

Online Student Communities

Whether you’re a distant learner or a traditional on-campus student, college can be challenging either way. It’s important to find people in the same boat as you and those who will join your efforts. Finding online communities of learners is an easy way to make new friends and create study buddies. Thanks to technology, students from different parts of the world can get in touch and share meaningful insights. Some educational establishments sponsor Facebook or Twitter groups where students looking for help can ask questions and share their experiences.

Online Graphics Software

When you need to create visual content like graphs and charts for a presentation, many web-based applications will help you get the job done. From Canva to Piktochart, there’s no reason to have dull illustrations on your paper anymore. These apps have you covered whether you want to include an infographic or create a simple visual element.

You may be thinking that essay writing is just too difficult. But with the technological applications mentioned in this guide, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you need help brainstorming for your thesis statement or organizing your thoughts in an outline, these apps will take care of all the heavy lifting and ensure that your work is both informative and original. Give them a try and see for yourself the difference each app can make.


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