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A destroyed Russian tank on display at Leidseplein in Amsterdam

A destroyed Russian tank is on display at Leidseplein in Amsterdam. Mayor Femke Halsema held an exhibition on Thursday to warn passers-by of the fragility of democracy. Her speeches were often interrupted by protesters. Parole report.

T-72B tank It was destroyed by Ukrainian forces during the Battle of Kiev almost a year ago. Since then, I have been traveling around Europe.

“This tank shouldn’t be here,” Halsema began his speech. She was soon interrupted by anti-war demonstrators shouting for it to be removed. But according to Halsema, the tank is on Leidseplein precisely because of the contrast it creates.

“Many Amsterdammers and tourists come here every day to smell the culture, discuss, seek entertainment and see each other. This Russian tank is the antithesis of this freedom. It gives me a chill in my heart, and that’s exactly the intention,” said the mayor of Amsterdam.

Halsema said tanks are a warning. “The installation of this tank is not a gesture of victory, it is a gesture of pain, sorrow and the collapse of democracy. It is a daily reminder that we must defend our democracy.”

Her speeches were often interrupted by protesters throwing flowers and rose petals at the tanks.

The tank will be on display at Leidseplein until June 4 as part of the European Cultural Forum program by the discussion center “De Bari”. This year’s forum will focus on European democracy.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/05/26/destroyed-russian-tank-displayed-leidseplein-amsterdam A destroyed Russian tank on display at Leidseplein in Amsterdam

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