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A Guide on How to Avoid Accidents and Falls

No one is exempt from suffering a fall or accident, both at home and at work or any other public place. However, there are factors that can make this experience much more traumatic for certain people, either because they suffer from a delicate health condition or because of their age.

Suffering a mishap like this can not only cause physical damage but can also trigger a series of medical expenses. For this reason, there are legal representatives such as the lawyers you find at https://reeplaw.com/ who are in charge of helping people in this situation so that, if possible, they receive compensation for the damages suffered.

Maintain a Good Physical Condition

Exercising regularly is key to staying healthy and active. Doing exercise will also help you avoid falls or accidents since it is a helpful way to improve reflexes, body coordination, and also strength. It is advisable to perform weights to strengthen your arms and do squats to improve the condition of the legs.

By exercising, you can prepare yourself for the unexpected or to act in a situation that requires your strength and speed. If you are a senior, it is even more important to exercise regularly to keep your body strong and healthy. For this, it is not necessary to carry out demanding physical activity such as cardio. You can do calmer exercises and just as effectively, such as Pilates, yoga, or morning stretches.

Get Regular Eye and Hearing Checkups

Your sight and hearing are two senses that help you stay aware of what is around you. Having a good view will help you see where you are walking; if there is any unevenness on the floor; if you are going to cross the street and a car is coming, and if there is danger nearby, among others. Especially at night, your vision will alert you on time if there is any danger or risk.

The sense of hearing has an equally important role. If your hearing is good, it will allow you to hear things fall, alerts, car horns, screams, and other sounds that will help you detect danger. If any of these senses fail, you may not receive an alert in time. Do not neglect your hearing and vision health so you will be ready to react quickly to any situation.

Fix Details in Your House

In every house, there are small mismatches that, believe it or not, can cause an accident. For example, a misplaced cable, furniture that takes up a lot of space in a corridor or obstructs the exit, a floor that is too slippery, stairs with small steps, or that are very steep. If you are in a hurry or distracted, these are everyday things that could cause a fall.

Some ideas to avoid accidents inside the home are to remove slippery rugs, accommodate cables that cross corridors or crowded spaces, and even out height differences between the different floors of the house. The bathroom is also another place where an accident can easily happen, so installing a handrail is one of the safest measures to prevent slipping.

Moderate Your Alcohol Intake

Alcohol abuse is one of the most common causes of accidents and falls. If you are drunk, your senses will not work as they should. For that reason, you should not drive under the influence of alcohol or perform tasks that require physical dexterity. If you go to a party or social gathering and drink too much, make sure you have someone sober to drive you home.

Do not underestimate the influence alcohol can have on your sense of direction. Within your own house, you can suffer falls or accidents due to drunkenness, especially if your house is not conditioned according to the advice in the previous paragraph. The best thing you can do is take forecasts and not expose yourself to risky situations.

Get Up Slowly

When reading this subheading, you might think that it only applies to the elderly, but it is not. While older adults should be more careful about their movements at all times, falling when getting out of bed could happen to anyone. Upon awakening, it is recommended to take a few minutes to clear your senses and then start your day.

If you get up suddenly after a deep night’s sleep, you may be unsteady or may not yet have the agility to walk properly. It is also a good idea to have a desk lamp that you can turn on if you get up during the night. So you can walk quietly in your room without bumping into obstacles.

Choose Carefully the Shoes You Wear

Today you can find a wide variety of shoes on the market, attractive models you will surely want to wear. What many do not know is that shoes that look amazing can be unsafe. Carefully check the soles of your shoes and discard them if they look badly worn or are not slip-resistant. An inadequate sole plus a slippery floor can be the perfect formula for having an accident.

Avoid walking around the house in socks, and opt for slippers or slippers with non-slip soles. In the case of women, they should also be careful when wearing heels. If the heel is too thin, they may be at risk of the heel bending or even breaking, which can cause a fall and also an injury.

Taking Precautions Will Make You Feel Safer

The points of this list are what you should know to avoid suffering falls or dangerous accidents. Paying attention to the threats around you and taking precautions will protect you from an accident.

Threats cannot only be found outside but also inside your home. Be sure to remove or accommodate those things in your house that may be dangerous, choose the right shoes, perform periodic checks of your vision and hearing, and avoid putting yourself in risky states such as drunkenness. If you follow these recommendations, you will stay safe and avoid accidents.


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