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A little further to the left: Vermeer moved to Delft again

“Old” house and plaque showing new options with red blinds, captured in Google Street View

A new study suggests that tourists who took pictures in front of Vermeer’s house in Delft may have unknowingly taken pictures of their neighbors’ houses.

Some historians say that the sign marking the famous artist’s home was very likely in the wrong place. We lived in a small picturesque house.

Vermeer’s whereabouts in Delft have been the subject of scrutiny by museums over the past few years, including the Rijksmuseum, which hosts the largest exhibition of Vermeer’s work ever. The museum podcast on the subject of Friday.

In 1881 Vermeer was thought to have lived in Oude Langendijk, but 40 years later Josefstrasse v/h Mollenpoort seemed a more likely location. Finally, in 1968, a corner of what is now Maria van his Jessekerk became Vermeer’s official residence.

Not everyone is convinced that Vermeer’s change of address (Oude Langendijk 25) is final due to different interpretations of historical sources.

“Houses didn’t have numbers at the time. It says it had to deal with an explanation. advertisement.

To research Vermeer’s house, experts consulted official documents and found references to which corner the house was on and how many fireplaces it had. After years of research, puzzle pieces (including where Vermeer’s wife used to hang laundry on a stick) were painstakingly assembled to reveal the present home.


Herman Weers, director of Stichting Vermeer, said he could not confirm that the house in question was indeed the house. “You can’t go straight back to the 17th century. But it really doesn’t matter. You don’t have to know everything,” he said.

This is not the opinion of many museums. Many museums are redoubled efforts to add to their small but growing body of knowledge about the master painter in the year dedicated to Vermeer.

Recent archival researchFor example, Vermeer shows that his mother-in-law, Maria Tins, paid for the poor painter’s lavish funeral.

The question that remains for Vermeer enthusiasts and researchers is who is the current owner of the house. Locals say the red window blinds have been broken for years, and attempts to contact the registered owner have had no effect.

Weyers has rang the bell many times, he said. “It’s either an empty or recluse house,” he said.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/01/a-bit-more-to-the-left-vermeer-has-moved-house-in-delft-again/ A little further to the left: Vermeer moved to Delft again

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