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About 1.5 million people gather at the Nijmegen-Wierdagse march, more than last year

Organizers said the four-day festival in Nijmegen was busier last week than last year. In 2022, an estimated 1.5 million festival-goers will visit the center of Nijmegen. Altogether he was attended by 39,019 hikers at the 105th Fielderguse March in Nijmegen.

According to festival director Joris Baumeister, achieving record numbers is not the mission of the Nijmegen International March. Very large and famous crowd-pleasing events may even be left out of the festival. Otherwise it will be too crowded. “I am very proud that this year’s festival has been voted the event with the most enjoyable atmosphere and audience. For example, during the four days of the march, which brought so many people to the town, there was no more incident than during a normal night out in Nijmegen,” he emphasized.

We want the Wierdagse March in Nijmegen to remain free. Rising costs are making this increasingly difficult. Baumeister said the festival will work with similar events such as SAIL Amsterdam, Eindhoven’s GLOW and Rotterdam’s Tzommercarnival to find solutions.

On Saturday, after seven days of the international festival in Nijmegen, a team from waste management company DAR has already turned their attention to the dirty roads in Nijmegen city centre. Garbage collection started on Saturday morning, clearing the streets of plastic packages, beverage cartons and cups. But the NOS reported that the garbage collection team noted less garbage on the streets since the introduction of replaceable plastic cups.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/07/22/nijmegen-vierdaagse-marches-attracts-15-million-people-last-year About 1.5 million people gather at the Nijmegen-Wierdagse march, more than last year

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