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Activity ideas for teenagers in The Hague

In this article you will find many ideas for activities for English-speaking teenagers in and around The Hague.Anything else to add? Please inquiry.

American Book Center

do you like reading? American Book Center A perfect place to spend years reading countless books. We also offer his 10% discount for both students and teachers with a valid ID card.


When the weather warms up (for once!) you might want to step away from the city center for a bit and check out nearby beaches like Kijkdine and the notoriously hard-to-pronounce Scheveningen. Both beaches are about a 15-minute drive or 30-minute bike ride from the city centre.

movie theatre

It is a standard outing on days when the weather is not so good. Many films are shown in English with Dutch subtitles.The most popular movie theaters here are putty. There are many locations, one of which is in the center of The Hague. But be sure to double check before purchasing your ticket. Most of the films also have fully Dutch dubbed screenings.

film house

Literal translation: “movie house” Filmhouse Den Haag Great place if you want something similar to a regular movie theater. There is also a small movie theater, so it is also recommended for those who feel that a normal movie theater is too high.

thrift shop

In Dutch these are called cling loop winkels and are a great way to buy new clothes and other items without breaking the bank. There are many in and around The Hague. one of the biggest is rattaplanYpenburg (a suburb of The Hague) and Delft.

bubble tea

Bubble tea originated in Taiwan, but is now popular all over the world. In the center of The Hague he has about five tapioca his tea shops and is the perfect drink when you are thirsty and looking for something fun to drink.

Westfield Mall in Holland

If you want to enjoy shopping, why not try shopping further away from the center? Westfield Mall in Holland. The largest indoor mall in the Netherlands, just 20 minutes by public transport from the center of The Hague.

Photo and text by Sophia Feldman, 15, part of her high school internship at The Hague Online.

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