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ADE collaboration with Rijksmuseum shows mature nightlife culture

The “very special collaboration” with the Rijksmuseum, with which the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) opens on Wednesday, shows that “nightlife culture has been emancipated into a mature art form,” according to ADE directors Jan-Willem van de Ven and Meindert Kennis. The 28th edition of ADE kicks off on Wednesday with over 1,000 events at more than 200 venues across Amsterdam.

The ADE opening event with the Rijksmuseum on Wednesday is a three-act theatrical performance called Breathe, Walk, Die. With music by DJ and producer upsammy, three musical acts will bring the exhibition Museum Boijmans Van Breukelen to life.

“ADE and the Rijksmuseum are entering into this collaboration to show lovers of classical art and electronic music that the two disciplines truly reinforce each other,” the Rijksmuseum said about the event. The event is free and based on a draw. Sign up on the Rijksmuseum site for a chance to attend.

“We looked for where our cultures intersect,” ADE director Van de Ven told ANP about the collaboration. “With something substantive that really adds value to what we do.”

It is these type of initiatives and collaborations that allows ADE to develop as an organization, he said. “ADE cannot grow much in terms of numbers, and that is not our objective. What we do want is to play a major and active role in cross-cultural, qualitative activities That has always been in our DNA, but we have now chosen to develop this further.”

“And what is so beautiful is that there is a different kind of ADE for every person that is equally great,” Van de Ven said. “There is no one route that allows you to see everything. No, the fact that there are so many different routes to think of throughout the entire week, that makes it so unique. As Dutch people, we can be proud that we have such a global momentum in Amsterdam.”

https://nltimes.nl/2023/10/18/ade-collaboration-rijksmuseum-shows-mature-nightlife-culture ADE collaboration with Rijksmuseum shows mature nightlife culture

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