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ADO Wins Surprise Cup Victory Over Go Ahead Eagles

The match between ADO Den Haag and the Go Ahead Eagles was an exciting KNVB Cup match on February 9th. The match was held at B!NGOAL Stadium and was filled with enthusiastic fans and supporters throughout.

The match opened with ADO’s kickoff, but it was the Go Ahead Eagles who dominated possession early on, creating several chances in the opening minutes of the game. Cannot challenge the keeper. Both teams yelled for a penalty half an hour ago, but the referee took no action on either side and play continued.

The Go Ahead Eagles came close to scoring with a volley from #7 but was saved by Sonny Stevens on an ADO goal. In the 35th minute, the Go Ahead Eagles headed from a free kick but missed the goal. ADO midfielder Titouan Thomas blocked a shot on the line in the 36th minute. In the 37th minute, the go-ahead number 10 Rommens hit a long-range shot over the crossbar, bringing the go-ahead Eagles close again. ADO had a chance to score after 45 minutes when a cross landed at Kishna’s feet, but he dragged the shot over the right post.

In the 70th minute, completely against the flow of play, ADO found the back of the net and Joel Zwarts scored the first goal of the game. The ball was crossed in by Catic, placed in the bottom left corner and left the keeper without a chance. The score was 1-0 for him and he beat ADO. As the match entered the final stages, the pressure was on and the play was nearing the ADO goal. However, ADO are strong on their way to victory and will advance to the next round of the KNVB Cup, where they will face PSV in the quarterfinals.

In conclusion, ADO has emerged victorious in a thrilling match between two exciting teams. The game had everything a neutral fan could ask for, with drama on both ends and the underdogs coming out on top.

The ADO team is looking forward to their next league match against Jong PSV.

Seth Baker

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/02/13/ado-triumph-in-surprise-cup-win-against-go-ahead-eagles ADO Wins Surprise Cup Victory Over Go Ahead Eagles

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