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After all, travelers from China must show a negative coronavirus test

Coronavirus test at Schiphol airport.Photo: Brandon Hartley

For travelers from China to the Netherlands, negative coronavirus test Health Minister Ernst Kuipers told parliamentarians at a briefing to enter the country from Tuesday.

All airline passengers from China will also be required to wear face masks on board, Kuipers said.

The Netherlands, which said it didn’t believe tighter controls were needed, was following the rest of Europe after last week’s meeting. ,” Kuipers said.

on Wednesday, EU countries agreed To bring a “coordinated approach” to visitors from China after some countries took unilateral measures. In particular, EU countries have been “strongly encouraged” to require Covid testing for passengers coming from China.

The Cabinet’s Outbreak Management Team (OMT) also said from an epidemiological point of view there was no reason for additional checks on people traveling from China and the negative requirements would not lead to a reduction in cases in the Netherlands. I’m here.

According to OMT, testing before the virus arrives doesn’t help discover new variants of the virus.

The Netherlands will also check the wastewater of aircraft arriving from China for coronavirus particles, in line with an agreement reached in Europe last week.

Kuipers had asked the Senate to reconvene early to discuss a bill that could introduce certain measures to combat coronavirus, including a negative test requirement.

However, senators have decided not to return from their break early and plan to discuss legislation approved by Congress before Christmas on Jan. 17. Safety Commission, Kuipers said.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/01/travellers-from-china-must-show-negative-coronavirus-test-after-all/ After all, travelers from China must show a negative coronavirus test

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