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‘Agriculture Agreement’ negotiations on the brink of collapse: Telegraaf

Photo: DutchNews.nl

among farmers, environmental groups, government officials, supermarkets and other interest groups; The way forward for agriculture In Holland on the brink of collapse, reported by Telegraaf Tuesday afternoon, citing “sufficient sources.”

Last-minute efforts will be made to salvage negotiations in the coming weeks, but major disagreements remain on key issues such as how to deal with fertilizers and pesticides.

In addition, the issue of nitrogen emissions and the government’s deadline to cut emissions by 50% remain thorny for many, the paper said.

Peasants in particular have benefited from the pro-peasant party BBB’s landslide victory in recent local elections. And his Sjaak van der Tak, chairman of the main agricultural lobby group LTO, says the government’s strategy to cut emissions needs to be significantly rethought.

“If that doesn’t happen, there will be no agricultural agreement,” he previously told The Telegraph.

Instead of group discussions, individual members of the forum meet individually with chairman Chris Kalden to force breakthroughs. Kalden will then produce a document that can be used as a final negotiating tool, Telegraaf said.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/04/agriculture-agreement-talks-on-verge-of-collapse-telegraaf/ ‘Agriculture Agreement’ negotiations on the brink of collapse: Telegraaf

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