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Amsterdam announces new measures to support nightlife

According to a press release issued on Thursday, the city of Amsterdam has announced 15 measures to enhance the city’s nighttime culture. These include plans aimed at developing youth talent in night culture, and efforts to find alternative venues for night events, such as garages and unused tunnels.

According to the city, the city’s nightlife plays an “important role in the revival of Amsterdam’s culture”. But Alderman Turia Meliani, arts and culture councilor, said Amsterdam’s nightlife was being weighed down by lack of space, rising costs and short-term rentals. While recognizing that the city can’t solve everything, the 15 measures are designed to ensure the city’s nightlife “remains attractive and safe for all visitors, artists, entrepreneurs and organizers,” she wrote.

To support these measures, the city has allocated €2.2 million. Among the 15 measures, the city will conduct a survey in 2024 to identify sites that are permanently or temporarily available for night culture. This includes shelters, unused tunnels, garages, etc. The survey will also determine which existing venues require additional support.

Another measure is a system aimed at cultivating creative young talents who “want to organize, create and do business at night.” Next year, a pilot fund will also be launched for soundproofing to mitigate or reduce noise in residential areas. Additionally, the city will continue to provide financial support to the N8BM Foundation as a representative and contact point for the nightlife scene.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/07/20/amsterdam-unveils-new-measures-support-night-culture Amsterdam announces new measures to support nightlife

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