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Amsterdam court tests 15-minute criminal trial

Amsterdam courts test 15-minute trials. January and he scheduled these “bulk hearing days” for 25 days in February to see if we could handle some cases in under 15 minutes while doing justice to everyone involved. at 5 o’clock report.

The court chose a case for a single hearing that it believed could actually be handled in 15 minutes. “Brevity, speed, and at the same time justifying the interests of suspects, attorneys, and victims are always the starting point of these hearings,” the court said.

A full hearing day will take place at the Courthouse on Parnasstraat in the South District of Amsterdam. The suspect and his attorney will be notified in advance.

The reason for these short hearings is “to meet the social demand that criminal cases be handled within a reasonable period of time rather than being shelved.”

The court has already held one such bulk hearing in December. According to the court, most of the attorneys involved were optimistic about the experience.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/01/20/amsterdam-court-test-15-minute-criminal-trials Amsterdam court tests 15-minute criminal trial

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