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Amsterdam Rainbow Dress in Poland | Amsterdam Rainbow Dress in Poland News Article

News | 11-04-2023 | 13:57

In 2022, the Royal Dutch Embassy welcomed the iconic Amsterdam Rainbow dress to Poland.

image: ©NLinPoland

By bringing the iconic dress to Poland, exhibiting it at the Warsaw Pride Parade 2022 and having the dress photographed with LGBTIQ+ supporters, the Embassy will promote equal rights for LGBTIQ+ people and promote openness, tolerance and inclusion. I wanted to show values ​​such as gender. Dress is an important priority for Holland.

Amsterdam’s rainbow dress is a living work of art, made up of flags from 68 countries where being LGBTIQ+ is illegal. Whenever any of these countries change their parliament in favor of LGBTQ+, their flag is replaced with a rainbow flag. The Polish flag is not included in the dress as being LGBTIQ+ is not punishable under Polish law. However, the LGBTIQ+ community is experiencing challenges and pressures.

Janina Buck in Amsterdam Rainbow Dress in Warsaw

image: ©NLinPoland

Before the parade, the embassy asked two well-known Polish activists to pose in rainbow dresses at several locations in Warsaw. Professional photo sessions with activists were also held, as it was important to keep the LGBTI+ topic focused.

A year later, the Embassy organized an exhibition of photos of the dress in Warsaw, and a booklet was published with photos of the dress and insights from the people involved in the project. I got the chance to file a complaint.

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