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Amsterdam students win right to apply for energy bill assistance

Photo: Depositphotos.com

Amsterdam City Council was wrong Exclude all students A court ruled Tuesday as the group seeks a one-time payment to help with soaring energy bills.

The lawsuit was filed by student Melle van der Geest, who said she was wrongfully denied payment of €1,000 because she was a student. The city argued that students as a group were no match for those living on the lowest incomes.

The court said the ruling did not mean that all students were eligible to receive cash, as it was dependent on meeting other conditions. , has six weeks to reconsider its decision.

Further, the court said the council had not adequately proved its claim that giving the students a payment would “overcompensate” the students as a group.

The city has extended cash to 72,000 households and another 14,000 have requested money.Approximately 41,000 students live in the Dutch capital. The money comes from the central government, but local governments are responsible for controlling payments.

In Nijmegen, where the council lost a similar case, all students are now eligible for benefits. Amsterdam’s current position is still unknown.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/02/amsterdam-student-wins-right-to-apply-for-energy-bill-help/ Amsterdam students win right to apply for energy bill assistance

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