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“Amsterdam Tops List: Most Expensive Apartments in Europe; Rotterdam & The Hague Also Among Top Five”

Amsterdam has secured the top spot in HousingAnywhere’s European ranking for the most expensive medium-term rental homes, with Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht also making it to the top ten in the apartment category within the International Rent Index.

Conducting a comprehensive analysis of rents for over 67,000 homes across 28 European cities in the first quarter of this year, HousingAnywhere, a Rotterdam-based international provider of medium-term rental properties, revealed Amsterdam’s dominance in all three categories. The average monthly rent for an apartment in Amsterdam stands at 2,276 euros, while a studio commands 1,740 euros, and a room goes for 963 euros.

In the apartment category, Rotterdam and The Hague secure the fourth and fifth positions, respectively, following Rome and Paris. The average monthly rent for an apartment in Rotterdam and The Hague stands at 1,795 euros and 1,790 euros, respectively. Meanwhile, Utrecht clinches the seventh spot, with an average apartment rent of 1,746 euros, trailing behind Munich.

Notably, both Rotterdam and The Hague have witnessed significant increases in apartment rents over the past year. HousingAnywhere reports a 15.8% surge in apartment rents in Rotterdam and a staggering 25.6% spike in The Hague compared to the previous year.

The findings have prompted concern from the Woonbond, the Dutch association for tenants, who express disappointment over the excessively high rents prevalent in the private sector. Maarten Wiedemeijer of the Woonbond remarks, “We already knew that rents were high, but the fact that we come out as the winner, or actually the loser, is sad news.” Wiedemeijer emphasizes the urgent need for regulatory measures to curb skyrocketing rents, expressing hope for the swift passage of Housing Minister Hugo de Jonge’s Affordable Rent Act by parliament. This legislation aims to regulate the rent of mid-market rentals in the private sector, providing relief to tenants grappling with soaring housing costs.

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