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Amsterdam unveils its largest bike garage.it’s underwater

Amsterdam, plagued by ever-shrinking space to park hundreds of thousands of bikes, unveiled Wednesday the first of its largest ever underwater bike parking complex, built in a pioneering engineering project. Opened.

The shelter will be built under the Open Haven Front, an access tributary to the city’s IJ river, followed by another shelter next to the IJ itself, which will open in February.

The cycling capital of the Netherlands has a total capacity of 11,000 bikes.

The city of Amsterdam said the Open Haven Front vault could hold 7,000 bikes, while the IJ-side site could accommodate around 4,000 bikes, “the shelter will be the largest in the city.” Amsterdam Municipality says:

Construction began in 2019 and required draining part of the Open Haven Front next to Amsterdam Central Station.

A time-lapse video posted by the city of Amsterdam shows how water was pumped, structures were built, and eventually the area was flooded again.

“We have a lot of knowledge and expertise with water.

This storage “makes the most of the space we have in a small country,” she said.

The conveyor belt will transport cyclists 30 feet (9 meters) below the ground, according to the architecture firm wUrck, which designed an ultra-modern parking space meant to evoke a maritime environment.

“Cyclists step into a fictional oyster with a rough exterior of basalt and natural stone and a smooth, light interior,” the company said in a statement.

“Now you can park your bike as soon as you arrive at Amsterdam station,” said Melanie van der Horst, head of the city’s transport department.

Amsterdam has an estimated 900,000 bikes and around 625,000 trips are made each day, according to Amsterdam’s Bike Monitor Plan 2021.

https://www.expatica.com/nl/general/amsterdam-unveils-its-largest-bike-garage-its-underwater-504649/ Amsterdam unveils its largest bike garage.it’s underwater

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