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Amsterdam’s erotic center plans: ‘insane’ or ‘crazy’?

Impressions of artists at the ‘extraordinary’ erotic center Image: Amsterdam Gemeente

According to city plans announced Thursday, the erotic center will be located in the trendy NSDM Werf north of Amsterdam or in Zuid, the heart of Amsterdam’s conference district.

After consultations with the police and extensive research, Mayor Femke Halsema has announced the top three locations for the new erotic center. But while some welcome moves to improve safety for sex workers, others say the idea is “insane” and would exacerbate Amsterdam’s appeal to troublesome tourists.

The city plans to replace the windows of 100 brothels in the De Wallen red light district to reduce nuisance in the area and encourage developers to build high-rises on city land for prostitution and sexual entertainment. I am making it possible.

The three final candidates were De Groene Zoom and Europaboulevard, near the Rai conference center, and a short ferry ride from Central Station in the underdeveloped north of Amsterdam, where many young families live. Docklandsplot in .

Halsema said in a press release, “Sex work is Amsterdam’s thing and will not go away. “But the situation in the inner city is unsustainable. Habitability has been under pressure from residents for years.

“Establishing an erotic center will reduce the pressure on de Wallen while also allowing sex workers to work safely, legally and undisturbed, and allowing visitors to access a wide range of erotica, cultural and entertainment offerings. Create a special place where you can expect

tantric yoga and tea

Last year, Halsema said Dutch news She was inspired by the mesmerizing imagery of Bhas Luhrmann’s film Moulin Rouge. “We know that there will be more illegal sex workers, so we are not interested in reducing or reducing the number of legal sex workers,” she said.

“But in the future, it is important that sex work move out of an atmosphere of crime and shame. I hope that it will be possible to create an erotic center with a certain degree of class and distinction.

The Erotic Center’s artist impressions textbook explains the diverse and dynamic program offered. “There’s always something to do at the erotic center,” it says. “Programs aimed at sexuality and eroticism (e.g. lectures on femdom and feminism, voilesque parties, tantric yoga courses).”

There is an ‘All Welcome House’ for all genders, genders and sexual orientations, with cultural and educational evenings, erotic entertainment and painting courses for Amsterdammers and visitors, in addition to afternoon tea meetings. Sex workers are placed on the upper floors and the building is intended to become part of the ‘everyday life’ of the city and neighborhood. “You can always walk over to have a drink, buy something fun for your partner, or see a new art exhibition,” adds the artist’s impression.

Close-up image of an artist’s impression: Amsterdam City Council


However, location is still a challenge. Director of Rai Paul Riemens Parole He has deep concerns about the location near his business center.

Ilana Roodekerk, the head of the local D66, told Dutch News that the latest proposal will be considered, but that a completely new approach is needed. ‘What I completely miss is how this will improve the status of the sex workers currently working in the red light district, and any concrete plans to move the windows out of the city centre,” she said. rice field.

“As far as I am concerned, the erotic center must go hand in hand with the historical changes in the red-light district. is desperately needed to reduce


Some say the focus should be on protecting women from exploitation and abuse and shutting down red light districts. Local Christian Democrat leader Diderik Boomsma told Dutch News: It should have been clear for a long time that an entertainment district with windows decorated with young women was not a glory or an achievement, but a disgrace.

“Sexuality is certainly wonderful. But there is a big difference from the dark reality of prostitution, in which useless people take advantage of the bodies of penniless Eastern European women. Romanticization is stupid and harmful.

Image: Amsterdam City Council

He added that erotic centers could increase Amsterdam’s appeal to downmarket tourists, rather than reduce tourist annoyance. Instead, we may end up building another sex Disneyland attraction that will help further cement Amsterdam’s dire image as a prostitution destination!”

Violet, a sex worker who heads the Information Center for Prostitution, said she doesn’t oppose creating more space for sex workers, but that reducing workplaces and remote locations would create problems. “For many years we have bonded with other companies in De Wallen to do sex work,” she said.

There will be a consultation period on the new location before the City Council votes. If an agreement is reached, the bid will be open to potential developers. The land will be leased by the city, but the center itself will be privately owned.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/02/north-or-south-shortlist-of-three-locations-for-extraordinary-erotic-centre/ Amsterdam’s erotic center plans: ‘insane’ or ‘crazy’?

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