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Anti-gay graffiti found at Hague gay memorial

The organization that runs Prominent Monuments for the LGBTQI+ Community said the International Homo Monument in Koekamp, ​​The Hague, was covered in paintings and anti-gay slogans. The foundation that manages the memorial, the IHDH, said Tuesday morning that a rainbow flag-colored bench there had also been defaced.

According to the foundation, statements painted on the grounds of the memorial include statements such as “fuck gays” and “throw away your pride” (which translates to “throw away your pride”). The slogan was seen in a photo shared by IHDH. The Foundation said these are forms of hate speech and discrimination.

“The foundation’s board is very concerned about the defacement of hateful writings on monuments and other sites,” the IHDH said. The foundation plans to file a crime report with the police, similar to the city of The Hague.

The memorial and the rainbow bench will be restored as soon as possible. The rainbow flag is often used as a symbol by people of various sexualities and genders.

Hague city councilor Marielle Bavier, who deals with anti-discrimination issues, said the graffiti was “unacceptable”. “This is a serious act of homophobic vandalism,” she said. This is not the first time the monument has been defaced. This happened once again in September 2021. The sculpture was first shown to the public in 1993.

“The Homo Monument is a symbol of acceptance and freedom. It is a place of remembrance for oppressed and persecuted gay people. We will never accept hate speech or discrimination,” Bavier said.

Homo Monuments International recognizes “lesbian women, gay men, bisexuals, transgender, It’s a memorial to queer and intersex people,” the IHDH said on the memorial’s website.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/07/18/anti-gay-graffiti-found-gay-monument-hague Anti-gay graffiti found at Hague gay memorial

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