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Around 15% of Dutch traditional vessels do not have a valid certification

The investigation follows the death of Tara, a 12-year-old girl from The Hague, during a boat sailing camp in the Friesland port city of Harlingen. The fatality occurred in late August and the vessel was inspected last week.

The girl died when the boom, the bottom piece of wood that held up the sails of the ship, fell apart. The Dutch Safety Board concluded that the boom had broken due to rotten wood. The girl’s parents have publicly held the shipping company responsible for her daughter’s death.

according to NOSsimilar incidents claimed the lives of three German tourists near Harlingen in 2016 and killed an employee at a pier in Zaandam in 2019.

The ‘Brown Fleet’ consists of hundreds of historic cargo sailing ships that were used for professional passenger transport in the Netherlands. Most ships operate in the IJsselmeer, Markersee and the Wadden Sea.

The name refers to the original color of the sails used by the ship, brown. Ships are usually flat-bottomed boats for inland freight transport by water, tjalks, klippers, aaks, schoeners, steilsteven When botter.

Photo Source: Wikipedia

https://northerntimes.nl/nearly-15-percent-of-traditional-dutch-ships-lack-valid-certification/ Around 15% of Dutch traditional vessels do not have a valid certification

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