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Arriva gets greener with biofuel-powered trains – The Northern Times

Arriva and the states of Groningen and Friesland currently operate four regional trains using the eco-friendly biofuel NOS. report.

The biofuels used are hydrotreated vegetable oils (HVO), which are composed of biological residues and wastes, and therefore do not compete with food and animal feed production. Extensive testing over the past two years has shown he can run on HVOs when existing diesel lines and shunt locomotives haul trains, according to the rail company.

“That test showed that HVO performs similarly to diesel,” an operator spokesman told news agency ANP.The new-generation renewable fuel is chemically identical to fossil-based diesel. could reduce carbon footprint by 90% and prove to be the quickest and easiest way to cleaner and greener rail service.

Diesel trains operating on non-electrified routes in Friesland and Groningen do not need to be specially modified to use biofuels, but are operated in a more environmentally friendly way and will be used for the rest of their life. can continue. This helps save resources and improve sustainability.

Late last year, the railway company and the state of Groningen signed a tender for four hydrogen-powered trains. These trains will run on the Delfzijl-Groningen-Vehendam route from 2027. Tests of battery-powered trains are also underway.

Battery-powered trains run only slightly slower than diesel and wireline trains.

Trains run quieter than diesel railcars, and battery-powered trains run quieter than trains.

https://northerntimes.nl/arriva-goes-greener-with-biofuel-powered-trains/ Arriva gets greener with biofuel-powered trains – The Northern Times

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