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Artis Zoo awarded €10 million grant to renovate aquarium

The Artis Zoo will receive 10 million euros from the national government to renovate the aquarium at the Amsterdam attraction, said caretaker State Secretary Gunay Uslu for culture and media policy. Uslu previously rejected the zoo’s request for funding.

She previously said that the Cabinet would allocate an additional 15 million euros for the restoration of large monuments that are in urgent need of renovation, but it was not yet known which projects would receive the money. Uslu said that Artis had not complied with the detailed proposals she demanded of all applicants.

After Tuesday’s announcement, everyone at Artis was “incredibly happy and relieved,” a spokesperson said. “It comes at a very important time for Artis, because we are already in the middle of the restoration due to the urgency. We can now continue construction. Fortunately, everyone sees the value of this unique heritage, and we can shape the future of one of the oldest aquariums in the world thanks to broad social support, the municipality, province and now also the national government.”

Amsterdam Alderman Alexander Scholtes also said he was happy with the contribution from the Cabinet. “I am pleased that, in addition to the municipality of Amsterdam and the province, the national government also wants to make a substantial contribution to the necessary renovation and sustainability of the monumental aquarium. Great that we can bring the much-loved park into the future in this way.” Scholtes is the alderman responsible for public health and prevention, participation, digitialization and local media. His portfolio also covers issues related to Artis.

Money from the 15 million euro subsidy budget will also go to the Bovenkerk in Kampen, which was awarded a 1.2 million euro grant. The Polder Tower in Emmeloord received 1.1 million euros, while Fort Sabina and the historic boat shed in Willemstad were granted 1.9 million euros. The remaining amount of approximately 750,000 euros will go into a fund that supports the restoration of major projects.

Uslu said it was “nice” that the selected “special” monuments can be renovated with the money, but she is not particularly satisfied. “At the same time, I am very aware that this will absolutely not solve all the problems that arise with these types of major restorations. Together with provinces and municipalities, we will look at what is needed and what is possible,” she said.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/09/27/artis-zoo-awarded-eu10-million-grant-renovate-aquarium Artis Zoo awarded €10 million grant to renovate aquarium

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