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As numbers dwindle, the appeal of Dutch brown bars is waning

Brown bar In ‘t Aepjen in Amsterdam. Photo: Depositphotos.com

So-called Bryne Krogtraditional Dutch bars that merely serve drinks and the occasional hard-boiled egg are likely to disappear as their numbers dwindle further.

no one knows how many Bryne Krogenusually associated with dark half-timbered rooms with carpeted tables, but there was one in every corner of Dutch towns and cities.

According to trend watcher Wouter Verkerk, higher rents, older customers and changing habits are contributing to the decline. Broadcaster NOS.

“In the old days, men used to go to bars after working in factories. There may be people in

Market research firm Locatus estimates that the number of bars that don’t even serve food has fallen to just over 5,000 over a decade, a figure that includes more than your typical brown café. .

According to expert Willem Pyfers, brown bars are bars that serve several types of cuisine. Genever Beer is limited, little to no snacks are served, and there are dedicated tables for patrons. Heads should be turned when “a stranger walks in,” he said.


Amsterdam seems to bear the brunt of decline, but here again the definition of what constitutes Bryne Krog You’re confusing the numbers.

Local Council Data Researcher Jeroen Slot Said Previously, he estimated that up to a quarter of such bars had disappeared from the capital over the past 12 years.

Earlier this year, local labor councilor Leanne Heinhuis said: Capital Brown Bar Listing Status.

Heinhuis wants to preserve the bar’s distinctive “brown vibe” in case it is sold. They are part of the city’s culture, she said, and shouldn’t give way to “those with money.”

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/04/the-lure-of-dutch-brown-bars-is-fading-as-number-dwindles/ As numbers dwindle, the appeal of Dutch brown bars is waning

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