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Asian hornets spotted in Friesland, two nests removed

The Asian hornet has been spotted in Friesland. The large, almost completely black wasp is harmful to bees and other insects and must be controlled according to EU regulations. Two nests of the invasive exotic were removed this week in the town of Jubbega, informed the province of Friesland.

The foundation Stop Invasive Exotics reported in late May that the Asian hornet is on the rise in the north of the Netherlands. Only from Groningen and Friesland, there were no reports of the animal until then. The nests in Friesland were reported at the end of last week by residents who had discovered the big wasps in their garden. Checks revealed that they were indeed the Asian hornet. Specialists removed both nests and killed the entire colony, including the queen.

The Asian hornet feeds on bees, flies, caterpillars, as well as butterflies, and therefore poses a threat to biodiversity. The insect resembles the European hornet but is slightly smaller. The queens grow up to 3 centimeters, the workers only 2.5 centimeters.

The species has gained a foothold in Belgium, France, and northern Spain. In the Netherlands, the Asian hornet is being spotted with increasing frequency, especially below major rivers. To prevent colonization, nests must be removed quickly.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/09/03/asian-hornets-spotted-friesland-two-nests-removed Asian hornets spotted in Friesland, two nests removed

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