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Aviation wants more subsidies for cleaner jet fuel

The aviation industry is calling on European governments to put more tax money into limiting the carbon footprint of aircraft. In a panel discussion ahead of next week’s Paris Air Show, speakers warned on Friday that Europe risks falling behind the United States. Government subsidies are very important there to fund the development of alternatives to fossil fuels.

“Policies are absolutely critical to creating momentum,” said Jonathan Wood, director of Neste, which makes biofuels from used cooking oils and animal fats. “This is where we have to work. stressed high. In her opinion, “It’s important that these incentives are available today and tomorrow.

Political lobbying appeared to have paid off quickly when French President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday that France would help fund factories to produce sustainable jet fuel. The construction of the factory will cost about 1 billion euros. However, this amount is paltry compared to the estimated value of more than €1.3 trillion needed to enable the global push for clean fuels.

The meeting also criticized the Dutch plan to limit the number of flights at Schiphol, a tone that has become common in the industry in recent times. Tim Clark, CEO of Dubai-based Emirates, took to the stage to express his outrage. He also opposed France’s ban on certain flights to encourage rail travel. He predicted that air travel prices would be “soaring” if all these measures were implemented.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/17/aviation-industry-wants-subsidy-cleaner-jet-fuel Aviation wants more subsidies for cleaner jet fuel

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