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Bagpipes, flowers and condolences to the late Queen Elizabeth in The Hague

Flowers at the British Embassy in The Hague Photo: S Boztas

As we solemnly walked from the Hotel des Indes to the British Embassy in The Hague, a group of Leiden Pied Pipers performed Thursday night in honor of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

About 2,000 people have left messages of condolences and respect for the late Queen of England inside the embassy. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was the first to attend, followed by Deputy Prime Minister Wobke Hekstra and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Riesche Schleinemacher.

For Joanna Roper, British Ambassador to the Netherlands, the loss was very personal. After her 20 years at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she suddenly his Her Majesty – but she met Queen Elizabeth II twice.

“Part of what has been very moving is that people of Dutch, British and other nationalities have come and expressed their feelings, affection and affection for His Majesty who passed away,” she said.

The day after the obituary, I opened the book. It will be held at the embassy until the Sunday before the funeral.Received very early messages of condolence from Their Majesties the King and Queen [of the Netherlands], Chancellor Rutte and Minister of Foreign Affairs were there and came to sign and we had parliamentary tributes in both houses. I am really touched by the very positive and affectionate messages and the large number of ordinary people from all over the world. “


We will be closed on the day of the funeral. British Embassy in The Hague was also respectfully closed and then sent to London for archival. She suggested that many messages could even be relayed to the new King Charles III.

“They are a true memory, a treasure trove of people’s affection for her majesty,” she said. embassy opened a book of condolences.

Wearing a black and pearl necklace, Roper said he was in London at a meeting of European ambassadors when the 96-year-old monarch’s death was announced. announcedto her deep sorrow.

“I met her several times. One time I was honored. CMGthere was a ceremony, she fixed the order for you and we had a short private chat – it’s a very special moment.

“I have been posted to China, Beijing, Tokyo and Pakistan with my husband who was Pakistan’s High Commissioner. All we saw was someone who really touched the hearts of many. She took her service very, very seriously.

A book of condolences for the late Queen Elizabeth II Photo: S Boztas

Roper said the relationship between the British and Dutch royal families was “incredibly special and unique”, and said that the royal family’s relationship was “incredibly special and unique”, and that the royal family had a number of events at her official residence, including Princess Beatrix and then-Prince Charles III attending the official residence. is evidenced by the photos of Arnhem war memorial in 2019The relationship reflects the close trade and diplomatic ties between the two countries, she said.

“There is a particular role our monarch plays in international relations,” Roper added. “She’s been called our best diplomat, and it’s true. In this role, she made a pledge to serve the people, a pledge she followed throughout her life.

‘[Her death] It was an incredibly sad moment for all of us.


of church The Church of St John and St Philip in The Hague will host a memorial service for people of all faiths, on Saturday 17th September, basilica St. Nicholas Church in Amsterdam will host a music service. Memories of a veteran anniversary in Arnhem market garden Weekend wartime operations.

Meanwhile, in a memorial book surrounded by white flowers in a darkened room at the British Embassy, ​​people around the world and some of the 45,000 British residents of the Netherlands express their loss.

Many have spoken of the late King’s grace, her lifelong service, her Christian values, and the “rock” of stability she had built over the years, treating her like a grandmother. Feel.

One person said, “We hoped that you would be with us forever.”

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