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Banks should do more to help those struggling with digital payments

Photo: DutchNews.nl

The Dutch Central Bank said on Monday that about 2.6 million people in the Netherlands are struggling with digital payments and other online banking operations.

Most people can manage day-to-day payments at stores, but they are not autonomous when it comes to rare actions like opening bank accounts or blocking debit cards, the central bank said.

Banks are closing more and more branches and more and more transactions are moving online.

“Banks are aware of the problem and are providing additional support, but more can be done to ensure payment systems are accessible for all,” the central bank said. I’m here.

According to a bank survey, 1 in 6 adults in the Netherlands do not understand complex language or instructions, have difficulty remembering codes, or feel stressed when acting under time pressure. , has been shown to be supported by financial management.

About 400,000 Dutch people over the age of 18 are dependent on others to pay their bills.

“As a result of digitization, these older and less educated people are completely dependent on their partners and other family members for banking,” said the bank. “They report feelings of shame, helplessness, inferiority, and sadness.

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For example, ATMs are too expensive for wheelchair and mobility scooter users to reach their keys. Additionally, people who are not good at reading may not be able to read fast enough and become anxious when there are people in line behind them.

The disappearance of ATMs and the closure of bank branches offering cash withdrawals are also often cited as obstacles to bank independence, according to the report.

Reliance on mobile phone apps is also a problem for people with reading or vision problems, or mobility problems.

As one respondent put it, “The phone screen was too small to read properly, and the keys were too small to get it all right at once.” “Something goes wrong without you knowing and if you’re unlucky you’ll lose money. Rheumatism has made my hands paralyzed. I can’t even send a WhatsApp message, let alone enter my number to do banking.” is also difficult enough.


Banks are coming up with different forms of support to handle the digital payment environment, including face-to-face home assistance and group classes.

They have also developed special aids for visually impaired customers, such as speaking login devices with large keys. This also applies to speech recognition and speech recognition applications for visually impaired people and people with limited hand function.

Nevertheless, “better information is urgently needed” of the available information, the central bank said.

It is very important that banks maintain physical touchpoints where customers can interact with bank employees and that customers can easily contact the bank by phone instead of communicating with chatbots,” the central bank said. says.

“Personal phone customer service is essential. People want to talk directly to a bank employee instead of going through a menu of options to a call center employee.”

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/01/banks-should-do-more-to-help-people-struggling-with-digital-payments/ Banks should do more to help those struggling with digital payments

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