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Basic front end programming tools for website development

The term “Front End” can be found more and more often on the Internet, job descriptions, or simply on the forums of website developers. Today, in the context of the predominance of the online trading format, the need for such specialists is only increasing. Moreover, customers no longer just want to get a standard solution, the requirements for website development are gradually tightening, because the market rules replenish the need to quickly find a way to a potential customer, to interest, attract and make a purchase. To fulfill all the stated tasks, unique, advanced solutions with an interesting idea, visualizations and consumer interface are needed. This explains the popularity of front end development services in the modern world.

Basic front end programming tools for website development

Front End development includes all public fragments of an online resource: user interface, design, functions, structure and organization of space. Simply put, the competence of the Front End developer concerns the visual part of the site on the side of the user’s browser. The task of a specialist is to make each icon, button, link, banner, section and fragment. They should not just be in one concept, but fulfill the main purpose. This is convenience, comfort and functionality for the end user.

In order to solve the set business problem, the specialist uses the following tools:

  • HTML. A well-known container for all types of site content markup and architecture generation. Through HTML markup, the site receives the necessary structure and interaction between thematic sections.
  • CSS style sheet. This is the styling language for all resource attributes. The style sheet allows you to design fragments of the site in a given style. CSS defines font sizes, color schemes, page sizes, margins, indents, defines section boundaries, image banner sizes, and much more. The main task of the CSS table is to adapt the size of the site to the resolution of different monitors.
  • JavaScript. A programming language for giving dynamics to static pages. Using JavaScript technology, you can create dynamic scrolls, holders, animations without sacrificing page loading speed. JavaScript provides the functionality of a feedback form, instant messengers, as well as updating the content of the site without reloading the data.

Basic front end programming tools for website development

Knowledge of these languages ​​does not mean the full range of tools. Given the tightening requirements for sites on the client side, the developer will need the help of frameworks, libraries and software applications designed to speed up page loading and data processing on the user side.

Frameworks for Front End Development

Frameworks are designed to speed up and optimize data handling. If HTML is writing code on a blank canvas, CSS is coloring the finished code in a given color palette, then Frameworks is drawing on a sheet in a box. With the framework, it is more convenient to work with large projects where you need to design a large number of pages of the same type.

Frameworks provide a lot of possibilities: file system organization, security, data processing, error elimination. But most importantly, they can automate routine work.

As practice shows, development using a framework is more cost-effective than working with pure code. A product on a platform is easier to maintain, test, identify and fix bugs. An ordered structure allows you to better navigate a complex multi-level project where many effects are applied. It is easier for the developer to manage the architecture of the project, getting the necessary sections and functions without spending too much time. This saves time and eliminates many routine tasks. As a result, the specialist can devote more time to pressing issues that require special attention and attention.

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