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Binnenhof renovations may be delayed due to lack of nitrogen permits

The Binnenhof renovation may be further delayed as the project does not have a nitrogen permit. Environmental group Mobilization for the Environment (MOB) argued that it was unfair that farmers had to strictly adhere to nitrogen regulations when the government did not undertake projects of its own, such as the renovation of the Binnenhof. and filed a lawsuit against the government.

Two weeks ago, the National Council ruled that construction projects may no longer be exempt from the obligation to conduct nitrogen emission studies first. This exemption was granted for the renovation of the Binnenhof.

According to the state of South Holland, a “nature permit” may be required for the renovation, but an application has not yet been filed. The State Property Office, which is responsible for the renovation, wants to do a new analysis first to see if it’s necessary. The state will then reassess the case.

The state will have eight weeks to issue a response to the permit request.

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2022/11/21/renovation-binnenhof-possibly-delayed-due-to-lack-of-nitrogen-permit Binnenhof renovations may be delayed due to lack of nitrogen permits

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