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Bird flu killed 4.5 million animals this year.His 4th 3 weeks in Groningen

Europe is in the middle of the worst bird flu epidemic in 20 years, European health service ECDC reported.In the Netherlands alone, more than 4.5 million chicks and other birds have been killed in the past year. disposed of. NOS report.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality reported on Tuesday the latest case at a company in Kiel Windeweer, canton Groningen. The bird flu case in Groningen is his fourth in three weeks.

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NWVA) has culled 100,000 broiler chickens at its Kiel-Windeweer site. There are no other poultry farms within a 1km radius of the infected poultry farm. There is one poultry farm within 3 kilometers. NVWA tests the company for bird flu.

Over the past three weeks, the NVWA has culled thousands of birds in Groningen due to bird flu. Last week he had 28,000 at Zuidwolde and 15,000 at Wildervank, and the week before he had 38,000 at Oldekerk.

The NVWA, located in Nieuw Weerdinge in canton Drenthe, just 30 kilometers from Wildewang, culled more than 200,000 broiler chickens last week. This was the largest culling in the Netherlands to date.

The current avian influenza epidemic involves highly pathogenic virus strains. It spans 37 European countries, from Spitsbergen in Norway to Ukraine.

https://nltimes.nl/2022/10/04/45-million-animals-culled-bird-flu-cases-year-4th-case-groningen-3-weeks Bird flu killed 4.5 million animals this year.His 4th 3 weeks in Groningen

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