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Black market ban in residential area of ​​Amsterdam

Shops ordered to close before ‘shop’ refurbishment Photo: S Boztas

The super-fast delivery company reportedly can only have warehouses in Amsterdam’s industrial estates following a vote by the Amsterdam city council. Parole.

Last year, after a spate of complaints from local residents, the city council proposed limiting the location of warehouses. The warehouse was originally known as the “Dark Store” because the windows were pitch black.

The express delivery sector has grown dramatically during the pandemic, promising to deliver everything from diapers to beer directly to people’s doors within minutes. A surge of venture capital-funded companies is vying for market dominance, especially in the geographically small and populous Dutch capital.

however, thousands of reports Nuisance increased significantly when warehouses serving deliveries were located in residential areas. Couriers typically work seven days a week and have received complaints from neighbors about noise disturbances, excessive traffic to keep warehouses stocked, and delivery bicycles and mopeds taking up pavement space. had been

Last year, the capital of the Netherlands was provisional judgment The opening of new black market stores and the following cities are prohibited. Rotterdam The Hague followed suit with an even more impressive policy. limit. A series of shops ordered to close in court, zap Leaving the Netherlands as giant Gorillaz is bought by a rival company getill.

Amsterdam city councilors have now voted to only allow warehouses to be set up in industrial parks, except in exceptional circumstances, citing nuisance. “Making money is good, but not at the expense of the city,” Groenlinks city councilor Nienke van Rensen was quoted as saying.

City planner Reyniel van Danzig said there were 661 complaints about black market stalls in the city in 2021, compared with 2,113 in 2022.

But the venture capital-funded sector is fighting back. “Getill” and “Gorillaz” director Florian Brunsting recently said: Parole Banning access from a central location would threaten the entire business. “If you have to deliver from the edge of the city, you’re too far away from your customers, and you’re doing fewer deliveries per hour, which puts pressure on your business model,” he said.

Getill fought in court on Thursday over a €20,000 fine and the city’s order to close De Pijp, which was refurbished last year to resemble a regular supermarket. A verdict is expected within six weeks.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/05/dark-stores-banned-from-residential-areas-in-amsterdam/ Black market ban in residential area of ​​Amsterdam

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