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Brainport high-tech manufacturing industry to explore investment potential in Vietnam | News Article

News | 15-03-2023 | 03:24

Hanoi, 14 March 2023 – A delegation of 10 Dutch high-tech manufacturing companies will visit Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City from 15 to 17 March 2023. for investment potential. Vietnam is the final destination of this mission after Singapore and Malaysia.

Eelko Brinkhoff, Director of Foreign Investment and International Trade, Brabant Development Agency, said: BOM).

The mission is organized and coordinated by the Brabant Development Board (BOM), Brainport Industries and the Dutch Diplomatic Mission in Vietnam. Participants in the mission are companies operating in the high-tech manufacturing industry namely Bestronics, AAE BV, BKB Precision, HQ Group, KMWE Group, Sempro, Sioux Technologies and VDL. Most of them are part of his chain of supply for leading high-tech equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world.

“OEMs are now increasingly outsourcing the design and development of the equipment they manufacture. , we are taking advantage of new foreign countries, so we are exploring the possibility of expanding our operations in ASEAN,” said John Blankendaal, Managing Director of Brainport Industries.

“Vietnam has emerged as an attractive destination for high-tech investment.By helping Dutch companies in high-tech manufacturing to do business in Vietnam, we are making international supply chains more resilient. This will provide Vietnam with great opportunities to develop into an industrial center of the future,” said Ambassador Keith Van Barr.

Brabant is a hotspot for innovative ecosystems in high tech, life sciences and health, agrifood and data sciences, not only in the Netherlands but also in Europe. It is Europe’s number one region for research and development spending, with more than 50% of his all European patent applications filed in this region. Brabant is home to multi-billion dollar tech companies such as Philips and his ASML. During a visit to North Brabant province last December, Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Trih called for Dutch support in developing high-tech and innovation in Vietnam.


The Netherlands is now Largest EU direct Investor The cumulative investment by the end of 2022 is USD 13.71 billion. The Netherlands will still be her largest export destination in the EU for Vietnam in 2022 and her sixth in the world. Vietnam’s exports to the Netherlands will reach her US$10.43 billion in 2022, a 36% increase compared to last year. EVFTA and EVIPA facilitate the continued growth of two-way trade and investment between Vietnam and her EU countries, including the Netherlands.

Vietnam and the Netherlands will jointly celebrate over 400 years of people-to-people exchanges and 50 years of bilateral diplomatic relations in 2023.

About bill of materials: The Brabant Development Agency (BOM) is a public agency that acts as a bridge between entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and authorities. It was founded in 1983 by the province of North Brabant and the Ministry of Economy at the request of the labor movement, as Brabant’s economy urgently needed a fresh kickstart. More information: www.bom.nl

About Brainport Industries: Brainport Industries represents 200 high-tech manufacturing companies based near the Dutch city of Eindhoven.The brainport industry is co-formed A Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 supplier of the Dutch open high-tech supply chain, we design, develop and manufacture advanced, precise, intelligent and state-of-the-art high-tech equipment. More information: www.brabantisbright.nl.


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