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News | March 23, 2023 | 16:00

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This year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched a call for proposals for cultural activities in Morocco within the framework of the International Cultural Policy (ICB). We invite Dutch cultural experts and institutions to submit project proposals in the field of cultural cooperation. The condition is that the project promotes a rich cultural relationship between Morocco and the Netherlands. This project must fulfill one of the embassy’s cultural objectives. (1) promoting inter-institutional cooperation and exchange of expertise in the field of culture; and (2) making culture accessible to young people. The scheme will temporarily fund his projects for partners in the Netherlands and Morocco.

what are we looking for?

*Eligible for projects that contribute to the strengthening of bilateral relations between Morocco and the Netherlands and the active promotion of the Dutch and Dutch cultural sectors.

*Project takes place in Morocco and/or Holland. The geographic extent and contribution to diversity and sustainability are also considered when projects are honored.

* Project proposals are prepared by at least one Moroccan and one Dutch partner, each with a defined role within the project. A Dutch partner submits a project proposal. Partners should be able to demonstrate in their project proposals that they have sufficient expertise in the area of ​​the planned activity.

* The results can take the form of publications, presentations, audiovisual or visual materials, exhibitions, workshops, as well as networking, developing new activities and (knowledge) exchanges. The intended result should be made clear in the application.

*All cultures are eligible. Priority will be given to projects in the areas of design, digital culture, museum studies, performing arts, music, material and immaterial heritage, visual arts and/or literature. Interdisciplinary projects are also welcome with interest.

*Priority will be given to projects that contribute to reaching people who normally have less access to culture.

* A contract project partner is a professional organization or legal entity. The proposal must show a clear relationship between budget, activities and objectives.

what do we offer?

* 90.000 EURO applies to this call.

* Project partners can apply for a minimum of €5.000 and a maximum of €25.000.

* Direct costs related to the project are covered. Up to 75% of the total project budget is awarded.

* Funds will be transferred to the Dutch project partner (organization or legal entity) who will be responsible for paying the partner and third parties.

* Subsidies are granted only to the extent that ICB funds (90.000 euros designated for Morocco) are sufficient. Not all applications may be approved. In the case of affirmative decisions, the full amount requested is not always granted.

Specifications and application method

*Projects are processed and reviewed until the budget is exhausted.

*Projects can be submitted by June 1ststmust have started before November 1, 2023st2023.

* Project Proposals must be submitted at least 8 weeks before the start of the project.

*We would like you to put together a budget for the entire project in order to conduct the screening appropriately. The budget clearly indicates the items for which grants are sought.

* The grant will only be given to (one of) the Dutch project partners. This partner must sign and submit the application. A complete application consists of:

  1. a completed and signed application form;
  2. substantive project proposal (objectives, description of activities, results and performance indicators);
  3. another project budget.

*Please mail the application form ICE-RAB@minbuza.nlPlease put “Open Call Morocco 2023 – Project Title” in the subject line. You will receive a confirmation of receipt from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

* Applications will be processed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in consultation with the Dutch Embassy in Rabat. Additional information can be requested if necessary. After we confirm your project proposal entry in writing, we will do our best to evaluate the proposal within 6 weeks. This evaluation phase may be extended by four weeks, in which case you will be notified.

* Grants are awarded in accordance with Article 2 of the Foreign Affairs (Grants) Framework Act, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Grants Ordinance and Articles 8.1 and 8.2 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Grants Regulations 2006.

* Based on the guidelines applicable in Morocco, the Moroccan authorities will be informed of NL-funded projects and related partners.

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