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Call for Dutch artists to partner with cultural organizations in West Yorkshire, UK | News Article

News Article | May 7, 2023 | 15:21

The Dutch Fund for Cultural Participation has provided €300,000 to explore ways in which art professionals from the Netherlands and West Yorkshire can jointly develop participatory art projects. Art professionals should work with at least one of her ‘social institutions’ in the Netherlands, and art projects should put health and well-being at the center. During this exploratory phase, which may involve co-creating a full-fledged project proposal, applicants can apply for up to €7,500. The deadline for proposals is August 14, 2023.

image: ©likes to participate in culture

Dutch Cultural Participation Fund supports NL-UK arts projects focused on health and well-being

Art projects aimed at cultural participation, health and well-being

Many cultural organizations in West Yorkshire (and the rest of the UK) have extensive experience in engaging with communities. This often includes special consideration for people’s health and well-being. This open call is a great international opportunity for Dutch artists and arts organizations interested in socially engaged and community-focused practices. They can learn from established UK-based practices. Similarly, arts bodies in West Yorkshire might be interested in learning about the Dutch approach of giving ‘social bodies’ a constant active role in a kind of participatory arts project. “Social institution” means an institution whose primary activity is to provide care and social services to members of the community.

The fund can cover 100% of the costs – up to €7,500 per proposal

The Cultural Participation Fund aims to support dozens of Dutch arts groups wishing to gain an international experience in the north of England, where socially engaged and community-oriented arts practices are highly developed. We prepared 300,000 euros. Please note that Dutch ‘social organizations’ can also apply for funding, as long as their project proposal includes cultural partners from both the Netherlands and West Yorkshire.

Contact the embassy for cooperation in the field of arts and welfare

Unfortunately, only Dutch artists and organizations can apply for funding. UK-based organizations cannot submit proposals. However, Yorkshire organizations working in the fields of arts, health and welfare and interested in working with Dutch creatives are strongly encouraged to contact the Dutch Embassy. We will try to get in touch with Dutch creative practitioners. People who might be able to co-author the proposal.If you are interested, please email us lon-ppc@minbuza.nl.

A direct result of the collaboration between the Dutch Embassy and LEEDS2023

In 2023, a series of Dutch cultural projects will be implemented in Leeds, England. This is the result of efforts made by the Cultural Section of the Embassy of the Netherlands in the UK to involve Dutch artists in the Cultural Year’s cultural programme. 2023 in Leeds. The aim of the Dutch Embassy is to continue working with Leeds’ cultural partners for years to come. The Embassy is pleased that the Cultural Participation Fund has provided significant funding to build further cooperation between arts professionals in the Netherlands and West Yorkshire (Leeds and surrounding cities and towns).

An example of Dutch culture in Leeds this year

The 2023 Culture Year will have more Dutch artists in Leeds than any other year. That’s because the Dutch Embassy has partnered with the LEEDS 2023 organizers and numerous arts organizations in the city. As a result, Leeds audiences have already been able to experience quite a bit of Dutch culture this year, and there will be much more to come. for example…

  • Visual artist Ahura Isma presents her first UK solo exhibition at Tetley. ‘splash down tender‘ will open on June 23, 2023 and run until October 22, 2023. Ahura Ayma transformed Tetley with soft sculptures, sound installations, and textile works accompanied by ceramics spread throughout the gallery. Visitors are encouraged to feel, hug, interact and participate in the central works in the art gallery’s atrium.
  • of Encounters Festival at Yorkshire DanceJuly 7th and 8th, will include various contributions from the Netherlands.
    – “But First, We are Going to Eat,” scheduled for Friday, July 7th at 7pm, is produced by Netherlands-based Theater Festival Boulevard. The eight performers, all Dutch of Indonesian descent, reflect on their experiences as minorities in the Netherlands.
    – “Body + Archive” – scheduled for Saturday, July 8th at 11:30am – is a workshop centered around care and community. This is his Jija Sohn, Bakani Pick-Up and House of Flava collaboration. Choreographer Jija Sohn has been to Leeds from Holland several times this year to work with local vogue dance collective House of Flava.
    – For those arriving early, Jija Sohn will also lead a warm-up on Saturday morning starting at 9:30am. All festival visitors are encouraged to attend.
  • Henshin Festival will screen two Dutch films to audiences in Leeds this October. The festival will officially announce its name in mid-July, so until then we’re keeping quiet. Please be sure to fill in your diary on Saturday 14th October and Saturday 21st October. We will inform you about the details soon.
  • The Leeds Art Museum presents a performance choreographed by Katja Heitmann on the museum’s Central Court.The Dutch-based artist is working on her UK version Motus Mori Museum. She has been doing her research and community work with Yorkshire Dance in Leeds and she will culminate in her performance at the Leeds Arts Gallery before the end of the year.
  • Legendary Dutch roller skating dancers Brian Druibentak and Chris Frank and DJ Stefan (Stefan Seedorf) were special guests at Northern Roll last month and their masterclass was well attended .look at this short video Brian Druiventak made by Northern Roll.
  • Earlier this year, nine Dutch artists traveled to Leeds to meet with the city’s arts community. They have continued to converse with each other ever since. We look forward to many more National League and Leeds collaborations in the near future.

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