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Call for Expressions of Interest Systems Analysis PADEO Approach Mozambique – Phase 1 | News Article

News | 3 Jul 2023 | 14:52

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Mozambique invites organizations to express interest in the mission.

“Systems Analysis PADEO Approach Mozambique – Phase 1”

scope and duration

The assignment will run from mid-April 2023 to September 30, 2023

Phase 1: System Analysis PADEO’s Approach Mozambique

Part 1: Focusing on the Sofala-Beira Corridor

  • Start date: Mid-April 2023
  • End date: June 30, 2023

After completing Phase 1 – Part 1, PADEO Team Mozambique will evaluate the findings. If the result of the evaluation is positive and there is still a need. Cabo Delgado Part 2 carries out his second survey in a similar way.

part 2: System analysis research centered on Cabo Delgado

  • Start date: July 1, 2023
  • End date: September 30, 2023

Approximate budget: up to €124,000,

Dutch Executor: € 62,000 Euro Includes 0% Dutch VAT

Foreign executor: € 62,000 Euro Includes 17% local VAT and local costs, excluding Dutch VAT.

Intended problem

Interested parties are advised that the intended assignments described in this Call for Expressions of Interest Documents will be initiated to select a multidisciplinary team for the development of a PADEO approach systems analysis study in Mozambique. It should be recognized as part of the procurement procedure. The team should consist of international and local (Mozambican) organizations and individual experts in the fields of systems thinking, food systems, youth and employment, and inclusive local private sector development.

About Padeo

PADEO (Programmatic Approach Sustainable Economic Development) is an approach by the Dutch Government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department for Sustainable Economic Development – DDE) to contribute towards achieving SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth). PADEO aims to achieve sustainable impact (contribution to system change) using a program and systems approach.

  • Understanding the ‘system’: What are the various stakeholders and elements within the system and how are they connected and coordinated? What are the barriers to
  • Find synergies and cooperation with other (local) stakeholders. iii) Knowing what added value the Netherlands contributes to system change. The padeo approach is all about learning and adapting along the way. This makes it an iterative process of planning, monitoring, evaluating, learning and adapting.

PADEO takes a programmatic approach that enables a common ground for working together towards systemic change with various programs and stakeholders in Mozambique. We provide opportunities to collaborate and create synergies with embassies and other Departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As well as other donors and multilateral organizations.

The Padeo Mozambique team consists of representatives from the Dutch Embassy in Maputo (EKN-Map) and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. and the Dutch Enterprise Authority (RVO).

Purpose of the project

Holland wants to Working with Mozambique to apply programmatic and systemic approaches towards private sector development (PSD) in the region.

The PADEO approach in Mozambique focuses on small food producer farming systems.

The purpose of this mandate is to facilitate the creation of an approach for private sector development in Mozambique by conducting a system analysis, providing a decision framework and providing recommendations on this decision framework. The challenges will focus on:

  • Review and validation of results from previous studies.
  • Understand why many previous interventions in Mozambique have been successful and others have not produced the desired results or failed to create systemic change. This includes understanding the different needs and constraints faced by different genders and age groups and identifying gender-sensitive approaches.
  • Advice on decision-making frameworks based on key findings from analytics that the PADEO team can use to select the most important leverage points. This framework must be gender transformative.

This mission will contribute to the development of the PADEO approach in Mozambique. In Mozambique, systems thinking, programmatic approaches and local needs are central. Two factors are important in this new approach. The first is collaboration and exchange of lessons learned with relevant stakeholders and existing (PSD and F&NS) programs (Dutch or non-Dutch) in the country. Second, it focuses on local needs and representativeness. This approach should be a co-creation process in which the consultant facilitates and actively engages relevant stakeholders, the PADEO team and local stakeholders.

There are several ways to perform system analysis. Consultants are expected to perform a system analysis as described by Metabolic in the consultant’s guidebook shared by the PADEO team.

We should recognize the differences between men and women in their challenges, interests and needs. The Gender Guide is shared with consultants to provide information on her RVO’s approach to gender integration in international programs and projects. Her IFPRI guidance on promoting gender transformation work and measuring progress in the agricultural sector should also be used.

Required skills/experience

The following roles and corresponding expertise profiles are defined.

  • The team is made up of a mix of local and international experts. Fluent in English and Portuguese, with 1) knowledge and/or experience in systems thinking and its applications, and 2) in-depth knowledge of the area of ​​study and strong networks in Sofala/Beira and Cabo Delgado. Those who have Mozambique have the capacity to contribute to a comprehensive series of activities, preferably also at the grassroots level, such as a workshop series.
  • Good understanding of the region (political-economic and social context); development of the private sector in specific systems, i.e. food and nutrition small-scale farming (mostly local innovators, companies and organisations, as well as international institutions); has an excellent network in
  • You should have a thorough understanding of the issues and dynamics associated with your particular system.
  • Experience in process facilitation addressing complex stakeholder participation processes in the context of addressing local economic development challenges in the agriculture, food and nutrition sectors. Convene and lead multi-stakeholder workshops to ensure that all stakeholder input is taken into account.


You can express your interest in this procurement procedure by sending an email to map@minbuza.nl Accompanied by your company details and confirmation of interest. The purpose of this call is solely to identify available professional interests and assess their ability to carry out this task. Therefore, any submitted proposals, resumes or motivational letters will not be considered at this time.

No need to send any documents. Add only your company details, address, and possibly web address.

Based on this call for expressions of interest, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs can decide to initiate the procurement procedure. Interested companies/consultants can be invited to this procedure. Your response to this call for expression of interest does not imply that you are entitled to be invited to this procurement process.


A deadline has been set for responses to this call for expression of interest 13:00th March 2023 12:00 CEST.

https://www.netherlandsandyou.nl/latest-news/news/2023/03/07/call-for-expressions-of-interest-system-analysis-padeo-approach-mozambique—phase-1 Call for Expressions of Interest Systems Analysis PADEO Approach Mozambique – Phase 1 | News Article

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