call to switch entire cities to renewable energy


People living in homes with the lowest energy efficiency ratings could save around €1,100 a year in fuel costs if governments invested in a large-scale switch to renewable energy sources.

The Renewable Energy Association NVDE calls on governments to accelerate the energy transition by switching entire neighborhoods at once, reducing reliance on natural gas and preventing low-income households from running out of fuel.

The cabinet says 11 billion euros invested in alternative energy sources such as solar energy and heat pumps could cut 1.1 million of the 8 million Dutch homes off the gas mains.

This amount corresponds to the original estimate of the cost of the energy cap price when it was announced in November, but that number is now much higher as wholesale gas prices have fallen about 65% since then. It is expected to be lower.

The NVDE says the government should pay half the cost of shutting down private homes with gas, or all of those living in energy poverty.

“There are many regulations to improve people’s homes, but they are fragmented and complex,” said NVDE Chairman Olof van der Garg. I propose allocating state funding to a wide range of regulations to address

The Housing Authority has already set a goal to improve the energy efficiency of homes with an E, F, or G energy rating by 2028, but private landlords will be optimizing the bottom three categories of homes from 2030. can no longer be borrowed. call to switch entire cities to renewable energy

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