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CDA MP van Torenburg: Nitrogen emissions will not be halved by 2030

The CDA MP of Limburg, Madeleine van Thorenburg does not want to support the government’s goal of halving nitrogen emissions by 2030. In doing so, she opposes the policies of the Hague’s Coalition, including her own political party, the CDA. She also believes that farmers’ nitrogen emissions can be better reduced by working with them, in which case they would not need to buy them, she told the TV show WNL Op Zondag.

Regarding the goal of halving nitrogen emissions by 2030, Van Turenberg said, “Neither state is going to do it.” She thinks it would be better to start a conversation with those companies.

“Everybody’s talking about the final stage,” van Turenberg said of missing a deadline and considering buying a farmer. Would like to have”

She accused Hague politicians of “continuing to whine” about 2030 and acquisitions. I think it must be stopped.

In Limburg, as in other provinces, negotiations will take place after the elections to form a new Provincial Executive Board. This will also reveal whether Van Toorenburg will retain her post. CDA celebrities are on the Senate list. But she narrowly missed out on an electable seat, according to the latest outcome projections.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/03/19/cda-mp-van-toorenburg-will-halve-nitrogen-emissions-2030 CDA MP van Torenburg: Nitrogen emissions will not be halved by 2030

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