Check your receipts: Jumbo and AH often fail to charge the right rate

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A study by the consumer group Consumentenbond found that supermarkets often do not charge customers the correct price for discounted items, and Albert Hein and Jumbo are the worst at ensuring that the checkout is charged the correct price.

The association visited the Albert Heijn, Aldi, Jumbo, Lidl and Plus branches and checked the prices of 90 discounted products in the three branches of each group. Researchers focused on products advertised in stores and advertised in a different way than normal inventory.

Jumbo made the most mistakes. His 31 items out of a total of 90 special offer items were billed at different prices. Albert Heijn he made a mistake 22 times plus 17 times. In 2020 and he in a previous survey conducted in 2021, Jumbo and Albert Heijn were also the worst at getting their prices right.

For example, Albert Heijn charged customers €8.99 for a €5.39 Duracell AA battery, according to a special display in the store. And Jumbo charged Watchdog Mystery Guest €5.99 for smoked salmon, even though the store’s ad said “always low prices, €4.99.”

“This kind of mistake is unacceptable, especially now that prices are rising and consumers are looking for bargains,” said Sandra Mollenaar, director of Consmentenbond. It should be the price paid at the cash register, Aldi and Lidl have shown that it can be done and other supermarkets should follow their example.

Watchdog says Aldi and Lidl made few mistakes and mostly served the interests of the consumer.

Albert Heijn, Jumbo, and Plus responded by taking the findings very seriously and making improvements.

Molenaar said Consumentenbond is closely monitoring whether supermarkets have done a better job. “Millions of consumers have been paying too much for Albert Hein and Jumbo for years, so I call on the Dutch Food Bank Association and others to make appropriate donations,” she said.

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