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Choosing a Netherlands Energy Provider

Moving to Holland as an expat can be an exciting experience, but it also comes with the responsibility of securing an energy contract for your new home. Here’s a guide to help you find the best Netherlands energy provider to suit your individual needs.

Energy Contract: A Must for Every Resident

When moving to the Netherlands, it’s necessary to have an energy contract under your own name, as they are person-bound. If your landlord doesn’t cover the energy bill within the rent, you’ll need to handle this yourself. Make sure to confirm with your landlord if this is included in your rental agreement.

Types of Dutch Energy Contracts

In the Netherlands, there are three primary types of energy contracts:

  1. Fixed Price Contract (Vast): Your tariffs remain the same during your contract term. This is often the cheapest option due to newcomer discounts but can be restrictive if market prices change.
  2. Short-term Contract (Variabel): Tariffs can change monthly or quarterly, offering flexibility but less price certainty.
  3. Dynamic Price Contract (Dynamisch): Tariffs change daily and may suit those who work from home or monitor energy consumption closely.

Each contract type has its pros and cons, so understanding your living situation and energy needs is crucial. If you’re staying for less than a year, short-term or dynamic contracts may be more suitable as they can be cancelled without extra costs.

Netherlands Energy Providers

The Dutch energy market is privatized, and there are around 50 energy providers to choose from, all supervised by the ACM, ensuring fair tariffs and practices. While some are small, more than 20 energy providers cater to the entire Netherlands, each with over 10,000 customers. You can compare the energy providers using our energy comparison tool or directly on their websites.

How to Choose the Best Provider

  1. Understand Your Needs: Assess the length of your stay and your energy consumption habits to determine the best contract type.
  2. Select Your Supplier: Decide whether you want a well-known brand, the cheapest option, or a provider with English-speaking customer service.
  3. Compare Options: Use comparison tools online or visit the provider websites to compare prices. If Dutch is an issue, make sure to use a translation tool.
  4. Consider Payment Options: Choose a provider that accepts non-Dutch IBAN if you don’t have a local bank account.

For a more detailed explanation check out our guide on how to sign up with a Dutch energy provider.


As an expat, finding the right Netherlands energy provider might seem challenging, but by understanding the different contract types and carefully considering your needs, you can navigate the options effectively. Utilize online comparison tools and consult with your landlord if needed. With proper research and careful decision-making, you’ll find a provider that best suits your situation, ensuring a comfortable living experience in your new Dutch home.

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