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ChristenUnie, PvdD, is the only candidate for leadership of VVD

Dylan Yesirgoz-Zegerius is likely to lead VVD in the upcoming parliamentary elections, while Miryam Bicker will likely lead Kristenyuni and Esther Owehand will lead PvdD. At least they are now running for party leadership without resistance.

Last week, VVD announced the candidacy of Mr. He will replace Mark Rutte as leader of the VVD party and could become prime minister if he does well in the elections. And the current Minister of Justice had one opponent in the leadership election, former VVD parliamentarian André Bosmann.

The former lawmaker announced on Monday that he was withdrawing from the election. Bosman endorsed Yesirgoz as her candidate, describing her as “a staunch liberal with the right heart.” NOS report.

In theory, the VVD may need to hold elections to choose new leaders. Candidates must register by his mid-August. But it seems unlikely that anyone will come forward. Last week, several high-profile VVD members said they could not replace Rutte. Edith Schippers, Klaas DykoffSophie Hermans.

Kristen Uni

Mirjam Bicker has announced his candidacy to lead Kristen Uni in the upcoming elections. Trau and Holland Dougblad on monday. Party members will have to approve her candidacy after the summer, but it appears to be a formality. Deputy Prime Minister Karola Schouten, a prominent member of the Kristenuni Party, announced last week: will leave the country As soon as we have a new cabinet.

Vickers succeeded Gerd Jan Seegers Earlier this year, he took office as political leader and party chairman. The past six months have been “a pretty crash course,” she told Trau. “I’m excited to be running for election as party leader because it’s really about something: what’s your compass? Where do you want to go, Holland?”


The PvdD, the party for animals, has again elected Esther Owehand as party leader. “We are on the eve of a big change,” Owehand said. NOS on monday. “I am belligerent and confident that I can turn things around in the right direction.”

Owehand has been a Member of Parliament since 2006. She succeeded Marianne Thiem as party leader in 2019 and is currently running unopposed. Her candidacy will be presented to PvdD members in September.


Dutch parliamentary elections November 22 Followed by Collapse of Rutte IV’s government On irreconcilable differences in transition policy.The parties specifically clashed on the following points: Plans to limit family reunions for war refugees.

of Latest poll by Maurice de Hon indicates that the VVD, BBB and left-wing bloc PvdA/GroenLinks will each win 25 seats, making them the largest parties in the new parliament. But that will only be the case if independent MP Pieter Omzicht does not run for office. According to De Hondo, if Omtzicht decides to form his own party for the elections, he will currently have 29 seats.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/07/17/one-candidate-leadership-vvd-christenunie-pvdd ChristenUnie, PvdD, is the only candidate for leadership of VVD

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