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City cancels nightly events after violence in Winschoten

The city of Oldhambut has canceled Nacht van Winschoten, the evening portion of the Winschoten fair on Friday and Saturday, following a series of violent incidents. “The recent incidents are intense,” said Mayor Korra-Ifke Sikkema. RTV Nord report. Based on information from the police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM), she decided to call off Nacht.

No live music or other activities on the Grote Markt on Fridays and Saturdays. The fair ends at 8pm and catering establishments must close by 2am. “It’s very disappointing for the organizers. They worked hard to produce another great Nacht this year. But safety comes first,” the mayor said.

She also announced strict measures for the two days of the exhibition. “Police are authorized to search anyone within a designated safety hazard zone, and there will be camera surveillance in and around the Grote Markt on Friday and Saturday nights.”

The broadcaster said the measures were taken after a week of incidents in Winschoten and the surrounding area. On July 6, a 29-year-old man was stabbed during a clash between two groups at an ice cream parlor in Vennes, Winschoten. On the same night, two shootings occurred in Winschoten’s Transportbahn and Papiabahn.

On Monday there was a shooting at a hair salon in Oude Pequera. In the early hours of Wednesday morning, an explosion occurred at a beauty salon on Stade’s Boulevard Jerez.

On Wednesday, a bullet hole was found in the window of the sports bar on the Marktplatz, where Nacht van Vinschoten may have taken place. Then on Thursday morning, two suspects attempted to open fire on another building in the square but failed.

The mayor closed the sports bar for a month to prevent a recurrence and restore peace to the neighborhood.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/07/14/violence-winschoten-prompts-city-cancel-nighttime-events City cancels nightly events after violence in Winschoten

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