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Code yellow issued due to thunderstorms, hail, and heavy wind gusts

The national weather institute KNMI has issued Code Yellow for the whole country. Showers will move from the west to the east, locally with thunderstorms, hail, and possibly wind gusts of 60 kilometers per hour.

According to Weeronline, there will be thunderstorms on Sunday afternoon. In addition, there will be scattered showers in the coastal regions. However, the strongest showers will occur inland. There is also a possibility of thunderstorms, small hail, and downpours. Furthermore, temperatures will range from 19 degrees on the coast to 21 degrees in the eastern regions of the Netherlands. The wind shifts from southwest to west and is moderately strong.

The KNMI warned that traffic, outdoor activities, as well as water activities could be affected by the weather conditions. The thunderstorms are expected to dissipate around 3 p.m. in the western part of the country and by late afternoon in the rest of the country.

The national weather institute also reported waterspouts in Zeeland and the Wadden area. In addition, Weeronline reported that a waterspout was seen in Zoutelande around 11:30 a.m. as well as in Lelystad. “The conditions are currently perfect for waterspouts as they often are around this time of year.”

A waterspout is a funnel-shaped trunk at the bottom of a cloud that sucks up water. Waterspouts are created by the collision of cold upper air with relatively warm water and often occur in late summer or fall. Considerable wind speeds can occur in a waterspout. A spout often remains above water. In general, waterspouts are not very dangerous nor do they cause much damage, said the Weeronline spokesperson. “Although you shouldn’t be under them with a boat. Then you have wind from all directions.” Usually, water spouts last only a short time. “Five to 10 minutes, but it’s beautiful to see.”

https://nltimes.nl/2023/08/27/code-yellow-issued-due-thunderstorms-hail-heavy-wind-gusts Code yellow issued due to thunderstorms, hail, and heavy wind gusts

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