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Coldest Aug 6 ever recorded in the Netherlands; summer temperatures return this week

After a period of unusually cold and rainy weather, summer temperatures are expected to return to the Netherlands by the end of the work week. “This week, the summer weather is recovering,” Jaco van Wezel from Weeronline commented Monday.

Sunday was the coldest August 6 ever recorded in the Netherlands since temperature measurements started in 1901, with only 15.8 degrees in De Bilt, in the center of the country where the meteorological office KNMI is located, Weeronline reported on Monday. The temperature in De Bilt has not risen above 25 degrees since July 15.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, precipitation will be limited to light showers. Most places should remain dry on Wednesday, with temperatures ranging between 19 to 22 degrees, according to predictions from the national weather institute, KNMI.

Thursday will have abundant sunshine, mild winds, and temperatures between 22 to 26 degrees. Friday might be a bit warmer, exceeding 25 degrees, but some showers are possible.

“The outlook for the upcoming weekend and early next week is not entirely full-blow summer, but certainly not bad either,” said Jaco van Wezel. Daily showers are anticipated this weekend, but around six hours of sunshine are expected each day. Temperatures are predicted to hover between 21 and 24 degrees, which are average temperatures in mid-August in the Netherlands.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/08/07/coldest-aug-6-ever-recorded-netherlands-summer-temperatures-return-week Coldest Aug 6 ever recorded in the Netherlands; summer temperatures return this week

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