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Companies cut back on Women’s World Cup ads in favor of other sporting events

A week before the start of the Women’s World Cup, advertising is almost non-existent. There are few special “orange ads” for the time being. Advertisers seem to prefer other sporting events, according to ANP research.

The inconvenience of the game time seems to be deceiving the women’s Orange team, Star said. The organization sells advertising space on public radio, and the matches are broadcast early in the morning via his NOS. The World Cup matches in Australia and New Zealand are broadcast mainly in the evenings, and in the Netherlands in the mornings. The Dutch team will play group matches at 9am, 9:30am and 3am over the next few weeks.

A spokesperson for Star said, “It’s not Arashi yet.” “While we have noticed that women’s football has become more vibrant in recent years, this year’s match times are a bit disappointing. As a result, the event draws relatively few viewers and is not of interest to advertisers. It’s fading.”

Starr said the “hype” could build as the tournament progresses. “That’s why the first match is so important.” The Netherlands will face Portugal on Sunday 23 July. The World Cup kicks off on Thursday with a match between hosts Australia and New Zealand.

Outside of public broadcasting, there seems to be little publicity for the World Cup this year. Women’s football still lags far behind men’s sports in this regard, according to TV marketing organization ScreenForce. “More and more companies are advertising with special campaigns, which is disproportionate,” says director Michel van der Voort. He said attention to the event is largely confined to public broadcasters.

In fact, the companies have said they have not developed any special TV spots for this World Cup, with the exception of KNVB’s main sponsor, ING. The bank has launched a TV, online and social media campaign to “bring attention to inequalities and challenges in women’s football in the Netherlands”. KPN and Albert Hein are also regular sponsors of KNVB and continue their social media campaigns.

And supermarket chains Lidl and Jumbo have invested no money in special ads around the upcoming World Cup. Lidl has announced that it has selected the men’s European Championship to be held in Germany next year, but Jumbo will limit its sponsorship to Formula 1 and the Tour de France cycling team this year. Heineken said it would not run any World Cup-related advertising.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/07/15/companies-refrain-advertising-around-womens-world-cup-prefer-sporting-events Companies cut back on Women’s World Cup ads in favor of other sporting events

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