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Connect International Introduces Student Memberships

connect international Founded in 1998 by international residents to meet the needs of a community of fellow newcomers from abroad in the northern states of Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland.

Members of the organization are traditionally international professionals and their partners, and membership includes access to useful resources, but perhaps most importantly, the primary motivation for Connect is social It’s about fostering connections and hosting community activities to help expats feel at home in the north.

working together

The driving force behind the introduction of Student Membership is a closer collaboration between Connect, International Welcome Center North and City Central.

In 2014, International Welcome Center Kita Opened its doors to Gedempte Zuiderdiep. The center assists foreign residents and companies employing foreign staff in carrying out government formalities, provides relevant information, and provides information on topics important to beginners, such as obtaining health insurance and a mortgage. Established to host webinars and seminars.

City Central In 2018, we started with the goal of helping internationals become local. Through workshops on bicycle traffic rules, language support, neighborhood tours, and a sense of community, Instagraminternational residents (mostly students) can stay in touch and feel at home with Stadjers in Groningen.

by making connection By offering student-affordable membership, IWCN aims to better serve future young professionals in the North and provide access to the region’s wider social and professional networks. I’m here.

student discount

The Standard Connect membership is €25 per year and the new discounted student membership for full-time Bachelor’s and Master’s students is €15 (per person per year). All members get access to upcoming events hosted by all three brands, discounts on select external collaboration events, weekly tips, access to professional networks, and develop new activities to host in the North you can get the opportunity.

Hosted by Connect, City Central and IWCN wide range of activities An event in English (and Dutch) for residents of Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland to connect with other internationals and get to know the region. Regular weekly workout clubs, coffee mornings and pub evenings, biking, cultural and city tours and much more.


The overlap between the three organizations – focusing on the North and addressing the practical and social needs of international residents – has been the basis for closer cooperation over the last few months.

The introduction of student discount memberships will make City Central’s community of young and enthusiastic expats feel even more at home. City Central’s events will also be added to the Connect calendar, giving existing her Connect members free access to additional events and activities that help them engage with their communities in meaningful ways.

Find out how to become a member of Connect International here.

https://northerntimes.nl/connect-international-introduces-student-membership/ Connect International Introduces Student Memberships

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