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Conspiracy theorist Micah Katt to be held in pretrial detention until further notice

Conspiracy theorist Micah Katt will not be released from prison for the time being despite being presented with heated arguments at a court in The Hague. He was nearly kicked out of the room and threatened to challenge the court. This was apparently after a misunderstanding, and with the help of his lawyer he soon calmed down.

Kat was arrested in Northern Ireland in the middle of last year and unsuccessfully challenged extradition to the Netherlands. He now hopes to be cleared from his cell, but the court said there were enough serious objections to keep the now 59-year-old Kat at least until his next preliminary hearing in February. The case should be dealt with substantively in court at the end of March.

Kat, a former journalist, is suspected of crimes such as sedition against justice, sedition against the municipality of Bodegraben, calling people to kidnap, threatening RIVM director Jaap van Diesel, and sedition against newspaper AD. Kat and his attorneys said the statements that sparked the charges were made from a journalistic standpoint and did not violate the law. , wanted an expert in the field to testify, but the judge did not understand the need for an expert to testify.

Kat suspects the Office of Public Prosecutions (OM) is targeting him, he told judges several times during hearings. He fears his voice has been drowned out and said OM’s “hysteria” has led to a hoax lawsuit against him. “I’m not a danger to the state, and I’m not a conspiracy theorist,” he stressed several times.

Through the online platform Red Pill Journal, Kat, along with fellow conspiracy theorists Wouter Ratgeber and Joost Niebel, has uncovered evidence for alleged Satanic pedophile networks and allegations of ritual child murder in Bodegraben. I spread the story that is not. As a result of the publication on the Internet, dozens of conspiracy theorists visited the Bodegraben cemetery early last year to lay flowers on children’s graves.

Raatgever and Knevel have already been convicted for the role. In a separate proceeding, the court has already ruled that three conspiracy theorists must pay the municipality of Bodegrafen-Löwijk over his €215,000 in compensation.

https://nltimes.nl/2022/12/13/conspiracy-theorist-micha-kat-remain-pre-trial-detention-now Conspiracy theorist Micah Katt to be held in pretrial detention until further notice

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