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Construction of Badger Tunnels Underway at Morkvelam – Northern Times

A section of the track near Koudum-Molkwerum station was closed yesterday for construction work. This is because the badger clan has been digging tunnels under it for the past few years to build their homes.Rewarder Coolant report Rail infrastructure manager ProRail has been trying to tackle the unruly badgers for some time and is working with local councils to persuade them to leave areas where badgers are deteriorating, but so far not successful.

Train service between the Friesian towns of Wakum and Stabolen is closed until further notice due to construction work to build a badger tunnel under the tracks. Badgers have carved out under cliffs causing instability, and ProRail decided to build artificial homes for rescued animals before making repairs that would find a permanent solution to the problem. Decided.

For many years the badger had dug a burrow near Morkwelm. The track was fixed many times while the train was running at the adjusted speed.

ProRail’s original plan to relocate the badgers had to be scrapped on the grounds that the animals were protected.

It’s unclear how long the confusion will last. In the meantime, Arriba has started operating bus services between the affected towns to minimize the inconvenience for travelers.

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https://northerntimes.nl/construction-of-badger-tunnel-underway-in-molkwerum/ Construction of Badger Tunnels Underway at Morkvelam – Northern Times

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