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Coronavirus testing centers can be closed, self-testing halted, advisers say

Photo: DutchNews.nl

The government’s coronavirus advisory team has said it could do away with mass testing at regional centers and drop its recommendation to use self-testing if people have symptoms.

In its 146th recommendation since the pandemic began three years ago, the outbreak management team says that the Omicron subspecies of coronavirus and its subvariants are now in an endemic stage in the Netherlands. Ended.

This means most regional Health Board testing centers can be closed as long as they can reopen quickly if a new, more severe variant arrives.

In addition, free self-tests no longer need to be distributed to schools and people on the lowest incomes, allowing other measures such as a five-day quarantine after a positive test to be waived.

“OMT says measures against Covid-19 should be as consistent as possible with common measures to prevent other infections of the respiratory tract, which means coughing, hand hygiene and staying home if you are unwell. It is recommended that it should be in the recommended state.

It is up to the government to accept the proposal, but ministers usually follow OMT’s advice.

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The OMT also says health care workers no longer need to wear face masks if they are in close contact with patients, but they could become seriously ill with the coronavirus or another infection of the respiratory tract. Masks should continue to be used when working with patients.

Health Minister Ernst Kuipers has sent the OMT’s latest recommendations to parliamentarians, but it is unclear when a decision on whether to adopt them will be taken.

Immunizations are not covered by OMT advice.

On Thursday, 23 coronavirus patients were treated in intensive care units and 561 in regular wards. It is too early to see a clear impact of the meeting.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/02/coronavirus-test-centres-can-close-self-testing-can-stop-advisors-say/ Coronavirus testing centers can be closed, self-testing halted, advisers say

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