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Crowds at Intratuin and IKEA on Boxing Day

Garden and home furnishing stores such as Intratuin and IKEA were busy with shoppers as usual. Nowhere was busy, but on Monday morning bargain his hunters lined up at the intratouine in Daven to sell their Christmas items. At his IKEA in Amsterdam, the checkout line was still long at the end of the afternoon.

Dyfen Intra-Twin manager Gerald Niesink explained that his store is usually packed with people on December 26th. “For the last two years we were only closed because of the coronavirus.

He believes thousands of people visited the store on Monday.

Amsterdam’s IKEA was still busy as the sun began to set. According to ANP reporters at the scene, most of the visitors were families and couples looking at new furniture and looking for new inspiration. However, it wasn’t just the crowd that formed the line at the register, it was also because not all the registers were open.Swedish retailer announced a few months ago Staffing shortages forced the company to close its stores in the Netherlands early.

The scene at nearby Praxis was very different. It was very quiet there on a Sunday afternoon. Only a handful of people were walking the aisles of the hardware store. “This is actually his busiest time of the day,” said one employee. He pointed out that Easter Monday is the time when the shops get really packed.

The situation was hit and miss elsewhere as well. For example, AD reported that his Westfield Mall in the Netherlands in Leidschendam is very busy. Monday afternoon seemed like a quiet Sunday afternoon at the Maxis shopping center near Muiden.

Data from the Dutch payment processors association Betaalvereniging Nederland show that despite high inflation, people are still willing to take out their wallets this time of year. It turns out that more debit card payments than ever were made on the country’s boulevards on Friday.

Overall, the organization counted over 22 million debit card payments that day. This equates to approximately €740 million. According to data from Openingstijden.nl, more supermarkets were open this Christmas than usual. About 90% of all supermarkets left their doors open on Monday.

https://nltimes.nl/2022/12/26/big-crowds-intratuin-ikea-boxing-day Crowds at Intratuin and IKEA on Boxing Day

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