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Customs find €33 million worth of cocaine in Vlissingen port

Customs seized 449 kilograms of cocaine at the port of Vlissingen on Friday. The prosecutor’s office said on Saturday that the circulation price was said to be more than €33 million. The cocaine was hidden among bananas in a container destined for Barendrecht’s company. The company probably had nothing to do with smuggling and the drugs were scrapped, prosecutors said.

The so-called HARC Team (Hit and Run Cargo), which includes customs, FIOD, port police and the public prosecutor’s office, is cooperating in this case.

A 1,600kg shipment of cocaine was seized at the port of Rotterdam on Tuesday. Five men were arrested in the process. Prosecutors have estimated the distribution value of the cargo at more than €120 million.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/24/customs-finds-eu33-million-cocaine-port-vlissingen Customs find €33 million worth of cocaine in Vlissingen port

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