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Cyclists urged to donate bikes to help Ukrainian refugees in Haren – The Northern Times

Cyclists in the province of Groningen are asked to clean up before Christmas and donate their unwanted bikes to Ukrainian refugees RTV Noord. report.

Now used bikes can be left in the former Nescio Hotel building, where a group of Ukrainian guests now live.

“I am looking for a women’s bike and a children’s bike so that I can go to school in Groningen.

Kemp, who has been helping Ukrainians for some time, distributes bicycles to refugees who cannot afford other means of transportation.

Having a bicycle allows guests to attend important appointments, attend language classes, visit friends, and save money on bus tickets.

Many bikes are already parked behind the Nescio building, but more are needed, Kemp says. “A lot of people leave, and when they do, they take their bikes with them,” she explains. “Those who arrive instead need bikes. Also, some of the bikes we’ve distributed in the past have been stolen. The increased mobility that bikes provide can be life-changing.”

life changing gift

One of the Ukrainian refugees given a bicycle was Tatyana, who used it to commute to work and to her Dutch school in Groningen.

Tatiana says:

Kemp says he needs at least 20 adult bikes, 10 more teen bikes, and an equal number of children’s bikes.

If you would like to donate a bike, please email willemijnkemp@gmail.com to confirm the return time. This scheme is looking for a bike in good working order. Some bikes will be provided to Ukrainian refugees in Onnen and Winschoten.

https://northerntimes.nl/cyclists-urged-to-donate-bikes-to-help-ukrainian-refugees-in-haren/ Cyclists urged to donate bikes to help Ukrainian refugees in Haren – The Northern Times

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